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Community Ketamine Therapy and Retreats!

We are excited to announce the addition of group Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy and Retreats at Temenos! 

Ketamine retreats, facilitated by a licensed psychologist, medical doctor, and therapists are a safe and helpful option for people to unplug and invest in their healing.


These group spaces are best suited for individuals with prior Ketamine therapy experience seeking to tap into the transformative potential of a communal healing setting.

Deepen insights from Ketamine sessions and build connections with others on the path to healing

Access affordable Ketamine treatment in a safe and judgment-free setting

Share and receive support within an interpersonal setting, and learn how to grow and elevate your toolkit

Enhance processing, communication, and problem-solving skills by learning various integration techniques

What are the benefits of group work?

Group Opportunities


Community Integration Cohort

Temenos hosts an integration group for clients who have previously participated in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Over six consecutive small-group sessions, our group facilitators encourage clients to process, share and learn from each other's healing journies. This group provides an opportunity to benefit from ongoing, depth-oriented integration work in a safe, consistent setting with peers interested in deepening the insights achieved in medicine sessions.


Group work can build communication and integration skills and empower clients through shared experiences.



Ketamine healing retreats offer a unique and transformative experience for those seeking relief from mental health conditions such as depression and PTSD. Our retreats provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore the potential of ketamine therapy, guided by experienced professionals. Join us on a journey towards greater mental and emotional well-being.


Community Medicine Session

Group Medicine Sessions provide an opportunity to:

  • focus on deeply personal aspects of one's healing process

  • engage in interpersonal healing during group integration, and

  • foster a sense of community and connection.

Three facilitators help participants

navigate two hours of preparation and intention setting, ​two hours of medicine work, and one hour of integration support. 

Group Medicine Sessions are

intended for those with experience in ketamine-assisted therapy.  Participants must receive a medical

evaluation from Temenos in advance and may choose between a sublingual or an intramuscular experience.

Our Group Facilitators

Jean Vierra
Jessica McIninch
Director, PsyD
Colette Mercier
Melissa Pierre-Saint
Jacquie Smith
Elizabeth Theriault

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