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Psychedelic Integration Therapy

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What is Integration?

Psychedelic experiences, by their nature, take a person to a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Occasionally, the experience of a particular non-ordinary state can affect someone so profoundly that deep psychological and/or spiritual transformation results.  In psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, we help create a mindset and provide a physical setting that optimizes transformation. We emphasize the importance of follow-up integration sessions, which help to translate and anchor the teachings from the medicine sessions into life.

Ketamine treatment interrupts long-held, body-based defense structures and sometimes offers insight into unproductive assumptions and beliefs related to past trauma. Integration sessions can help to understand, accept, and integrate these previously unconscious beliefs and patterns of behavior. Integration sessions also help develop practices that take lessons from ketamine experiences into life.

Temenos provides integration services for people who have used psychedelics and want support for how to integrate the experience into their lives.  

Sometimes people seek integration services because a psychedelic experience has triggered anxiety, depression, or a difficult identity issue. Other times, people want support and guidance to bring the teachings and healings of their psychedelic medicine experiences into daily life.


Our therapists are knowledgeable about most psychedelics and can assist individuals to integrate material from a psychedelic experience whether psycho-therapeutic, ceremonial, or recreational. 


Temenos does not support the illegal use of psychedelics. We are aware, however, that many people who use psychedelics may need additional support, and can benefit from our expertise.  


Integration Sessions at ​Temenos

What is Integration?

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