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Affiliate Therapist Program

What is the Affiliate Program?


Temenos is excited to offer a unique opportunity for private practice therapists through our Affiliate Training Program. This program is specifically designed for those certified in Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy (KAP).


By joining, therapists can bring their patients to our facility, combining the benefits of KAP with their ongoing psychological work. This collaborative approach enhances treatment outcomes and overall well-being, providing a safe, medically supervised environment for ketamine administration while maintaining the therapeutic continuity provided by the patient's own therapist.


What We Provide:

  • The Facility: Operate out of our fully-equipped Petaluma facility, ensuring a safe and controlled environment for KAP sessions.

  • Medical Expertise: Access to our experienced medical team for consultations and safety monitoring during treatments.

  • Scheduling and Payment Processing: Efficient scheduling and payment processing systems for hassle-free practice management.

  • Medication Administration: Medically supervised handling of ketamine and related medications for optimal patient care.

Why Affiliate with Temenos?

  • Collaborative Care and Safety Monitoring: Work in tandem with our medical staff, including prescribers and psychiatrists with KAP expertise, to ensure safe and effective treatment for your clients.

  • Facility and Scheduling Access: Operate out of our Petaluma facility, designed for administering ketamine and supporting medications in a controlled, safe setting.

  • Professional Growth, Educational, and Networking Opportunities: Expand your practice by incorporating KAP, supported by the expertise and resources of Temenos. Join a community of like-minded therapists focused on the dynamic field of psychedelic medicine, where ongoing education, high standards of care, and mutual support are our core values.

Affiliation Process

Affiliates must: 

  • Educate suitable patients about the advantages of KAP, ensuring the exclusion of those with contraindications.

  • Refer potential patients via Patients will be charged as outlined in the published fees (

  • Schedule a treatment protocol with your patient within the Temenos scheduling software, following medical approval from Temenos’s medical team.

  • Ensure that sessions with your first patient are commenced within 90 days post-affiliation.

  • Maintain at least four to six KAP sessions annually with patients to retain active affiliation and forgo the need for re-training.

Let’s Work Together

The Temenos Affiliate Training Program is selective in its admissions, focusing on therapists who are deeply committed to safety, continuous education, and fostering a supportive community. With limited spots available, we prioritize therapists who possess verified training in Ketamine- or Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy.

Professional Details
Short Answer Responses

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Thanks for applying to affiliate with us!

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