Center for Integrative Psychotherapy

Inside each of us, there’s a voice that knows

exactly what we need, where we need to go ~Alice Walker~

About Temenos Center

Welcome to Temenos Center for Integrative Psychotherapy. We are a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy center focusing on Ketamine-Assisted-Psychotherapy (KAP).


Our services support the integration of mind, body, and spirit towards psychological health, transforming individuals, and the greater community. 

"Temenos" means a sanctuary dedicated to connecting with the sacred. Our Center has been created for psychological healing and renewal, offering legal psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.  

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is separate from the recreational use of psychedelics — it uses psychedelic medicines within a therapeutic model to discover new perspectives on old problems, work through defensive structures, and gain purchase on transformative practices. Our experienced team supports transformation through thoughtful 'set and setting,' and provides structures to integrate experiences into life in ways that facilitate enduring transformation over time. Temenos is committed to bringing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy into the mainstream through the research and ethical use of legal medicines.


To this end, we currently offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). 


Ketamine has been safely used as a dissociative anesthetic in medical settings since 1970. Over the past 20 years, it has increasingly been used as a treatment for severe depression and other serious psychological issues. 


Ketamine has a physiological effect on depression, often times allowing individuals to break through a depressive or suicidal episode. In addition, it can help relax defensive structures for a timeout from destructive thinking. In KAP, we build on these antidepressant and timeout effects through an orientation to awareness and acceptance of our inner psychological structures. We intentionally open to the mind-expanding perspectives that ketamine can offer in order to develop insight and new life-perspectives.  (More about KAP.)

Temenos is affiliated with MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) toward the possibility of providing MDMA-assisted psychotherapy through the FDA Expanded Access Program. If approved, clinics such as ours will be able to provide MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for people who meet the diagnosis of severe PTSD. (We anticipate taking applications for this in January 2020).  (Click here for more about the MAPS program.)

The FDA has provided ‘break through status’  for both MDMA and psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy. This means that - based on early research results - these treatments have been demonstrated as superior to current treatments for a variety of psychological ailments. The FDA will therefore “fast track” them through the approval process. Temenos plans to offer both MDMA and psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy when they become available (in addition to ketamine). 


Temenos also provides services designed to educate the community about the effective use of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and reduce the harm from the misuse of psychedelics. We offer this through professional training, community presentations, information and referral resources, and integration and support for individuals, couples, families and groups.