Jessica McIninch, PsyD

In addition to my work as a clinical psychologist, I have worked as the Director of Behavioral Health in a Northern California community health center for the past 9 years. In this setting, I frequently became aware of the limitations of traditional psychotherapy, and sought out more potent healing methods. Several years ago, I became intrigued by the burgeoning field of neuroscience, and learned methods of consciously directing the mind to optimize brain functioning for greater psychological health.  

In my clinical work, I often inform clients of the power of intentional neuroplasticity -- the ability to consciously change brain chemistry and grow healthy neural connections via skillful, mindful ways of focusing thoughts and directing behaviors. Given the large body of clinical work and research that suggests psychedelic medicine may have a positive impact upon brain health, my clinical focus has moved toward certification in psychedelic-assisted therapy. It is my belief that this method of healing -- when combined with integration of psychological insight via traditional psychotherapy -- can accelerate one's growth into their fuller potential.  

It is an honor to offer this method of healing via ketamine-assisted therapy at Temenos, and eventually MDMA-assisted therapy once Expanded Access designation permits use of this medicine for people suffering from severe, treatment-resistant PTSD.